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Dailies: Thrifted Goodness

5 Jan

Cashmere Sweater: Saks (via Twice as Nice Consignment) $10.00

Leopard Skirt: Banana Republic (via The Closet) $15.00

Tights: Hue (via Marshalls) $5.00

Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft $25.00 (years ago)

Earrings: H&M $5.00

So today was actually quite cold out (and it’s supposed to get colder later on this week…eek!) but for some ungodly reason, I decided a skirt and short-sleeve combo was the best option my closet held. The thing is, I really am not such a huge fan of pants. I have them. I occasionally wear them. But they are really not my favorite. I have far more skirts and dresses than I do pants. They are just way more fun! Plus, living in the South finally affords me the ability to pair most of my skirts and dresses with tights and still be comfortable come wintertime so they are actually quite versatile. Yeah. That’s it. It’s more practical. 🙂

Anyways, I scored both of these finds at consignment stores while back in MA for the holidays. The sweater is originally from Saks and cost probably 10% of the original price (and doesn’t even look worn) and the skirt just caught my eye while shopping in Boston. I felt comfortable and the softness of the sweater is incredible, but longer sleeves would have been appreciated!


Dailies: Meeting Monday

4 Jan

Wrap Dress: Banana Republic $35.00

Jacket: Gap $15.00 (years ago)

Black Tights: Target $5.00

Leopard Shoes: Franco Sarto (via Marshalls) $35.00

Peacock Necklace: Gift

Flower Studs: Mint $15.00

Today was my first day back to work after a lovely Christmas break and I wanted to keep it simple but still put together. Also, today is Meeting Monday which typically means I can be slightly more impractical regarding what I wear because I never do a lot of benchwork on those days. I also like to step it up a notch on Mondays because I feel like I should greet the week appropriately and because I have weekly seminar with my peers (who as a general rule wear jeans and T-shirts most days) and I quite like the odd glances I get from dressing so fancy. 🙂

Today it was fairly chilly out and my desk is directly next to a window so I really needed to wear the black jacket all day which was a bit of a bummer. The next time I wear this dress I want to show off the really pretty flutter sleeves it has. I really loved the leopard and pink accents I had going on today. I think it really added to a pretty basic ensemble (although it really isn’t captured well here!).

So happy Monday! Peace!



3 Jan


HI! Welcome to my blog! This is the official first post. The post in which all other posts will follow. So clearly this is important. This is BIG.

So I guess I’ll start by get all boring on your ass and talk about my mission with this here blog. In the next year, I want to document my daily fashion and my life in some tangible way. I have been following fashion and style blogs for awhile and feel that it is an ideal way to document my life.

I am a graduate student in biomedical sciences which basically means major geek. I live in TX, but  am originally from Massachusetts and went to college in Boston. I have terrible heartache for the Northeast and all it’s splendors but  I have come to realize that TX is not the horrific beast that I originally thought it was. It’s more of like a gnat that just won’t stop buzzing in your ear. Annoying but oddly livable.

I live with my boyfriend Jon and he is my best friend in the entire world. We have the best time together. Some of that will be documented here.

Well, with all that being said, I should probably talk about some things I like to do:

1. Read novels (both trashy novels and the classics) also reading magazines/blogs

2. Watching TV (So many shows! So little time!)

3. Watching Movies

4. Hanging with Jon, exploring the world with him

5. Yoga (and sometimes, begrudgingly, running)

6. Girls night with my car Barbara

7. Shopping

8. Playing dress up

9. Hanging with my family

10. Cooking/Baking

Thats it for now. I hope to put up my very first style post tomorrow. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!