Dailies: Meeting Monday

4 Jan

Wrap Dress: Banana Republic $35.00

Jacket: Gap $15.00 (years ago)

Black Tights: Target $5.00

Leopard Shoes: Franco Sarto (via Marshalls) $35.00

Peacock Necklace: Gift

Flower Studs: Mint $15.00

Today was my first day back to work after a lovely Christmas break and I wanted to keep it simple but still put together. Also, today is Meeting Monday which typically means I can be slightly more impractical regarding what I wear because I never do a lot of benchwork on those days. I also like to step it up a notch on Mondays because I feel like I should greet the week appropriately and because I have weekly seminar with my peers (who as a general rule wear jeans and T-shirts most days) and I quite like the odd glances I get from dressing so fancy. 🙂

Today it was fairly chilly out and my desk is directly next to a window so I really needed to wear the black jacket all day which was a bit of a bummer. The next time I wear this dress I want to show off the really pretty flutter sleeves it has. I really loved the leopard and pink accents I had going on today. I think it really added to a pretty basic ensemble (although it really isn’t captured well here!).

So happy Monday! Peace!



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