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Book Report: An Offer You Can’t Refuse

1 Jun

I have finished a book! This is mainly due to the fact that over the Memorial Day weekend I traveled home to Boston and I had hours upon hours of time to kill at the airport. But no matter, one down, like 19 more to go…

Admittedly, this was not my favorite book ever. While the story began realistically enough (for a chick lit novel), I had trouble liking the characters and so when things got ridiculous I had trouble with the book as a whole. It didn’t help that the point of view changed from time to time and so I wasn’t terribly invested in any of them by then end of it.

The basic plot involves Lola, a working class woman, involved with a high society boy Doug. Doug is supposed to be going off to university and Lola was going to follow him until his mother intervenes and offers Lola a big payoff to stay away from Doug. Due to the fact that Lola needs the money for a family member, she takes the offer and leaves England. Years later, she returns and receives another payout from the family member she once helped and begins working for a small bookshop. She buys an apartment and is introduced to her neighbor Christian who is so good looking he is often confused as gay.  One evening Lola saves a woman, which turns out to be Doug’s mother. Upon being thanked Lola is introduced to and befriends Sally, Doug’s free-spirited sister. This is also where Lola is reintroduced to Doug, who is dreamier than ever. Lola decides that this is her chance to get him back, which Doug wants no part of. Sally moves in with Christian after some ill-fated plans and after a bunch of ridiculous hyjinks, they end up together (of course). During this time, Lola is reacquainted with her long lost father, attempts to get her parents back together, fails at getting Doug to pay any attention to her and eventually moves on. Which is conveniently when Doug realizes why Lola took the money and they joyously reunite.

Again, this was not a terrible book, but not something I would read again. I wished that Lola was more likeable (she comes off as terribly judgmental) and we got to see more of what makes the Doug and Lola pairing so special. Doug remains fairly stoic throughout the whole novel (and not in that special Mr. Darcy way), so he isn’t a great romantic hero. The secondary characters were good, and well developed although their plotline was a tad ridiculous but the most fun of the whole novel.

Overall rating: C

Next up: Sammy’s Hill by Kristen Gore