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30 for 30 Day 14: Cran-Grape

26 Nov

Jacket: Lauren Conrad (via Kohls)
Shirt: Harvey Benard (via Marshalls)
Skirt: Gap
Tights: Stolen from my sister
Shoes: Sophie Max (via Marshalls)
Scarf: Stolen from my sister (Old Navy)

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Mine was pretty great– Lots of food, laughs and drink. I’m pretty proud of myself, I cooked most of the dinner by myself and pretty much everything came out perfectly (except for one exceptionally liquidy, but tasty apple pie).

I wore this outfit the day before Thanksgiving and the photos were taken at a nearby cranberry bog by my sister. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s probably one of my favorite places from my childhood– it’s just such a calming place. I’m also loving that my sister is taking my outfit photos. Not only does it make my life easier because I don’t have to set the timer and run, but she makes it super fun and silly!

Other than being thankful for the holiday and my family, one great benefit of being home is that there is a whole new world of accessories that I can borrow– it’s totally rejuvenating my 30 for 30 wardrobe!

PS. I feel super behind on my  30 for 30 stylefiles…being home has totally thrown me off, but I have pictures and will post soonish!

Currently: Playing dress-up with my Mum and sister!


30 for 30 Day 13: Flight Plan

24 Nov

Jacket: Ann Taylor (Goodwill)

Shirt: Old Navy

Jeans: Gap

Belt: Gap

Shoes: Unlisted

Scarf: Old Gap Sweater (DIY)

Yesterday I flew home for Thanksgiving for the first time in 3 years. I love Thanksgiving- the food, the family, the history. I grew up like 15 minutes from Plymouth Rock, so my whole childhood was surrounded by the story of the pilgrims. I’ve visited Plymouth Plantation and I’ve been forced to dress up like a pilgrim. And let me tell you, you haven’t lived until you’re forced to make pancakes pilgrim style with your peers.

I wore this outfit to work and then the airport. Airport dressing is all about comfort and ease since you’re forced to go through the whole security rigamarole and then sit in the freezing airplane. Still, I hate going to the airport in sweats, so I always try to make it chic. This outfit worked perfectly for the Houston-Boston climate because I could add or take off layers as necessary and felt cute while doing it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and get’s plenty of pie, because really, isn’t that what it’s is all about?! 🙂

30 for 30 Day 12: Harvard beats Yale!

23 Nov

Jacket: Goodwill

Shirt: Old Navy

Shorts: H & M

Tights: Hue

Shoes: Unlisted (Marshalls)

Necklace: Jess LC

Any other Gilmore Girls afficionados out there? Well, my little sister and I were really obsessed when the show was on and when the annual Harvard-Yale game episode aired, we decided that it would now be part of our Thanksgiving tradition as well. I’ve unfortunately only been able to attend the game once, but my true love for Harvard has spanned may miles and years. I’ve owned a Harvard sweatshirt since I was 15 and spent hours of my life on the Harvard campus wishing I could one day attend. Well, while I never did get to go to Harvard, my love for it is unwavering. My sister on the other hand? Is a bandwagon Yale fan– obviously a family divided.

Anyways, this past Saturday was the annual H-Y game and I’m happy to report that Harvard beat Yale. And obviously it’s completely because I wore these crimson tights and cream top. Harvard knows. Harvard knows.

I leave for Boston tomorrow actually and will surely try to visit the victorious while I’m home! Take that, Mary!

Finally, I’ll leave you with the “We won! We Lost!” pictures that Mary insisted we take to commemorate the Gilmore Girls experience (this event was “Fun-Flask” Free,  but next time? not so much). 🙂


30 for 30 Day 11: Crimson and Clover

22 Nov

Jacket: LC Lauren Conrad (Kohls)

Shirt: Gap

Skirt: Anthropologie

Tights: Hue

Shoes: Sophie Max (Marshalls)

Pin: Vintage Shop in MA

Necklace: Gift from BFF

I wore this on Friday, which for all intents and purposes, was nothing special. I did bring a pie into work, but really, that was as exciting as it got. Which, believe me, is always a welcome reprive. This month has been particularly exciting and busy, so a day of relative nothing is welcome.

This weekend was really kind of great. I got good results in lab, I hung Christmas decorations with Jon and just got some really fun DIY projects done. I made a scarf from a stained sweater in a similar manner that Erica of P. S. I Made This did and spray painted a cork board that will be my new inspiration board. I also found an awesome new vintage shop that will probably be my new favorite place once this shopping ban is over. It was a magical place with the most amazing treasures. Honestly, saying no to Old Navy was a cinch, but saying no to vintage jewelry from a local shop was near impossible. Ugh.

I leave for Thanksgiving in 2 days and based on my tenative plans, my time in the Northeast will be really, really awesome!


How was your weekend?


30 for 30 Round Up: 1-10

20 Nov

So I thought I would round up my outfits now that I’m a third of the way done! Thus far my favorites have been day 4, 6, 8, 10 and my least favorite has been day 3.

Now on to some observations of the challenge thus far:

1) There is still one dress, one top and one jacket that I haven’t worn. The dress doesn’t conern me as I have specific plans for it, but I’m having problems making the jacket and shirt work. Not so surprisingly, these items are items that had previously sat in my closet mostly unworn. Once the challenge is over, it might be time to let them go.

2) Overall, I’m very happy with my choices. I feel like there is no end in the number of outfits I can create. It has definitely helped to stay to a color palate and to know that most of my items match.

3) The no shopping ban is surprisingly easy. It might help knowing that I’m going shopping with my mum and sister next week (I’m thinking of extending the shopping ban  past my 30 days as penance, but we’ll see).

And finally, I would just like to thank every one of you who has stopped by my little internet home. I love going to all your blogs and seeing what your wearing and what your doing– so de-lurk yourself so I can stop by and say “Hi!”


30 for 30 Day 10: Closet Raid

19 Nov

Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Skirt: Gap
Tights: Target
Shoes: Sophie Max (Marshalls)
Tie: Jon’s side of the closet
Tie “Clip”: Earring from Anthropolgie
Belt: Langford Market (Houston Boutique)
Sunglasses: Rayban Wayfarers

When I first moved to Texas, the one thing that really, really excited me was that every apartment I looked at had a walk-in closet. This seemed like the such luxury to me and it was promptly the first room I “decorated” in my new apartment. Two years later, when Jon moved in, I had to share my precious walk-in closet. At first, I was a little sad about losing my space, but then I realized that a whole new world had opened up. Boyfriend sweaters, belts and ties all became at my disposal- an Epic Win!

Now, it turns out wearing your boyfriends clothing will elicit a usually elicit response from said boyfriend that usually goes as follows:

J: Hey! That’s my tie/belt/sweatershirt!

E: I know! Isn’t it cute?!

J: But it’s my tie/belt/sweatershirt.

E: So?

And tonight I got the added bonus of:

J: Hey! That’s not part of your 30 items! Cheater!

E: Ties are accessories and don’t count. HA.

All that being said, I love menswear-inspired looks, and this one is no different. I like like that the skirt and the tie “clip” feminizes the look while the tie anchors the masculine. So, I guess what I learned in Kindergarten is true: Sharing is caring, or at the very least gets you more accessories! 🙂

Currently Watching: Conan from like 5 days ago.

30 for 30 Day 9: Black, White and Red all over

18 Nov

Sweater: J. Crew

Shirt: H & M

Jeggings: Old Navy

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Scarf: H & M

Yeah, I’m totally wearing the same cardigan I wore yesterday. And I’m totally wearing pigtails ( I’m 25, whatofit?). My outfit didn’t really work out as I planned and I needed something, anything to punch it up. It’s not that this is a bad outfit, it’s just a bit uninspired. To go along with it, I had a fairly difficult photoshoot, but not all is lost! I found new areas to precariously prop my camera! I like my patio and the brick wall nearby but sometimes its nice to step out a little bit an explore.

Ever since I have started this blogging endeavor, I’ve really fallen in love with photography again. In high school, I was really into it. I taught myself the basics of my manual camera and even used it to do some really cool techniques like strobe photography. Then in college, I seemingly lost interest in producing and creating art and so it fell by the wayside, so it’s really been fun to take it up again. Jon and I are currently saving for a dSLR, so I can’t wait to see how much more I can create with that!

Currently Watching: Glee “The Substitute” (I LOVED Gwyneth Paltrow in this episode — I keep re-watching the Mary Todd Lincoln bit and laughing hysterically).

30 for 30 Day 8: Texas Tuxedo

17 Nov

Shirt: Harvey Benard (Marshalls)

Sweater: J. Crew

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Franco Sarto

Scarf: H & M

Sunglasses: Rayban Wayfarers

I’m going to come right out and say it. I’m wearing a Texas Tuxedo (or, I suppose Canadian Tuxedo). That’s right, double denim. And you know what? I love it. I’ve been read a lot of your blogs and I think one of the generalities I’ve seen is that old fashion “rules” were so made to be broken. I mean really, who cares that I’m wearing denim on denim? How is it wrong to wear something that feels so right?

With the holidays coming up (and any glimmer of joy), us graduate students are obviously burdened with fall committee meetings.  This naturally translates to a phenomenon entitled “I haven’t done anything worthwhile in 6 months, so obviously I need to prove my thesis in 3 days.” I, myself, have fallen prey to this phenomenon and it usually ends up with me teary-eyed, exhausted and my boss wondering about my mental health, but this time things are coming together nicely!  Are there any other graduate students out there going through thesis committee meetings?

Currently Watching: Oprah “Barbra Streisand” OMG, Barbra can you hear me?

30 for 30 Day 7: Temptation Island

16 Nov

Jacket: Thirfted

Sweater: Old Navy

Dress: Banana Republic

Boots: Hot Kiss

Belt: Thrifted (Kenneth Cole)

First off, thanks for your kind wishes about the poisoning! I feel so much better. And after like 10 loads of laundry, my apartment feels disease free. So yay!

On to more important things. Today? Today I was tempted to shop. Jon wanted to go get some long sleeve T-shirts so he can do the “layering look” with his T-shirts and so I accompanied him to Old Navy. I tried to stay firmly on the Men’s side of the store but a few plaid shirts did call out to me. But I said no! And then I proceeded to shopp for someone else, because if you can’t spend your own money, the next best thing is spending someone else’s. I also found out that when I’m not a mess of hangers and clothing, I am prone to bursting out into dance in stores. So perhaps its a good thing I’m almost always with hangers?

So Jon got like 5 long sleeve shirts at Old Navy tonight and he and I are both fairly certain this will be the total of all of his shopping for the Fall and Winter seasons. Now, while I feel that this is a bit bare, sometimes I think that we women could take a page from men. They seem to need so little to have a full wardrobe, and yet we need so much? Paring down might not be such a bad thing. But then again, there is always, always room for sparkles 😉

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30 for 30 Day 6: The Best Day, The Worst Weekend

15 Nov

Shirt: Banana Republic

Skirt: Gap

Tights: Hue

Shoes: Franco Sarto (via Marshalls)

Necklaces: Vintage (Oona’s in Cambridge)

Y’all. No joke, Friday was the best day (which is when this outfit is from). It was fantastic. I got a result in lab that took 2 years to get. 2 YEARS. I also made $40, got out of journal club, got treated to a celebratory burrito, had some puppy playtime and saw a long lost friend. It was amazing.

And then Saturday came. Oh boy. It turns out our burritos were made with poison (always question the special sauce) and so the rest of our weekend was spent with fever, chills and general feelings of death. Now it’s Monday morning and I am still eating Saltines, but feel well enough to finally get back to blogging (yay!).

I had the greatest intentions of catching up with all of you this weekend and your progress on the challenge but alas my feed read has atleast 680 unread posts and I’m supposed to go to work today (we’ll see about that). Just know that I sincerely do appreciate the hellos, the stop-bys and the followers. Every one of your comments make my day and I hope to get to stop by all of your blogs to make your day before the challenge is over!

Have a great week everyone!