30 for 30 Round Up: 1-10

20 Nov

So I thought I would round up my outfits now that I’m a third of the way done! Thus far my favorites have been day 4, 6, 8, 10 and my least favorite has been day 3.

Now on to some observations of the challenge thus far:

1) There is still one dress, one top and one jacket that I haven’t worn. The dress doesn’t conern me as I have specific plans for it, but I’m having problems making the jacket and shirt work. Not so surprisingly, these items are items that had previously sat in my closet mostly unworn. Once the challenge is over, it might be time to let them go.

2) Overall, I’m very happy with my choices. I feel like there is no end in the number of outfits I can create. It has definitely helped to stay to a color palate and to know that most of my items match.

3) The no shopping ban is surprisingly easy. It might help knowing that I’m going shopping with my mum and sister next week (I’m thinking of extending the shopping ban ¬†past my 30 days as penance, but we’ll see).

And finally, I would just like to thank every one of you who has stopped by my little internet home. I love going to all your blogs and seeing what your wearing and what your doing– so de-lurk yourself so I can stop by and say “Hi!”



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