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Am I in the movie Speed?

22 Dec
Shirt: Banana Republic – Jacket: H & M Jeans: Gap – Scarf: H & M
Belt: Langford Market – Shoes: Bongo

I made it to Boston! This is somewhat of a miracle considering my journey to the airport yesterday which involved me being driven to the airport in a Super Shuttle by a crazy man. Just FYI, it’s never OK to drive 90mph across 5 lanes of traffic and then tailgate the entire way to the airport.

That being said most of my journey was rather uneventful, which is always welcome on travel days. Mostly I just read Portia DeRossi’s book Unbearable Lightness which is turning out to be excellent. Anyone who has ever had body image issues (which I feel is like most women, unfortunately) should read this book.

I’m off to the city with my sister. Expect lots of pictures!


Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

21 Dec

Shirt: Forever 21 Jacket: Newport News (thrifted) Skirt: J. Crew (thrifted)
Shoes: Cole Haan Belt: Kenneth Cole (thrifted)

Well, it snowed in Boston yesterday. I say this with an ounce of foreboding as I leave today for my Christmas holiday and well, I’m a little worried. Almost every year I’ve been traveling for Christmas, we’ve had a blizzard in Boston and it’s always a bit of a nail-biter as to when or how I’ll get home. My first year in Houston, I literally caught the last flight out from NY to Boston on a layover. My second year, I was terrified I’d get stuck in Dallas. Last year, the snow thankfully delayed itself a day. And tomorrow? Well, tomorrow there’s a 60% chance of snow and I’m starting to wonder: is it me?

I mean, I love snow (now that I see it like 3 times a year and don’t have to shovel). It’s a lovely Christmas greeting. But it would be more wonderful if it hit on Wednesday.

Then there’s an added factor to the Christmas blizzard and that is the drive from the airport to my small So. Shore town. Normally it only takes about 45 minutes, but the last two blizzards it’s taken 3 hours. I’m pretty sure my father secretly (ok, not so secretly) dreads these  rides, because well, I’m a talker. And he’s got 3 uninterrupted hours of me babbling away in the car. Sounds fun doesn’t it?! Father-daughter bonding time is good for the soul. Huh Dad?

Outtake, this is the look you get when you stare at me while I’m taking my outfit pics:

Free at Last!

20 Dec

Dress: Merona (Goodwill) Jacket: H & M Shoes: Franco Sarto
Belt: Kenneth Cole (Goodwill) Necklace: Gift

This is my first outfit after the 30 for 30 challenge and I totally adore it! For having my whole closet at my disposal this outfit came together fairly quickly too. I love this dress. I bought at Goodwill last year when I was obsessed with the Tudors and really wanted to be swathed in lush, rich fabrics and this fit the bill.

I’m constantly inspired by movies and TV shows and how they are styled. This outfit inspiration was sort of taken from a paparazzi shot of Amanda Seyfried while she was shooting a new movie. She had this really beautiful looking velvet dress on and so it inspired me to play with mine. I like how all the tones go together. As an added bonus, it felt comfortable to wear all day and into the night as I worked on some Christmas shopping and had a date with Jon.

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was filled with running Christmas errands and painting my bedside tables. I leave for Boston in less than 48 hours–crazy!

Are you guys traveling for the holidays?

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30 for 30 Thoughts and Outtakes

20 Dec
  1. Overall, I was able to remix a lot of my pieces several times. Some items were clearly worn more than others and deserve a good clean bath and a brief retirement, I’m looking at you J. Crew orange cardigan.
  2. Some items had to be retired permanently, like my brown boots that broke, my black flats that have a hole in them and my blue tank top that is difficult to wear. I’ll be looking for replacements for these items in the coming weeks, as they are sort of wardrobe staples for me.
  3. Did I shop? Well, yes. When I went to Boston over Thanksgiving I did shop for myself on Black Friday and Saturday. Most of the items were consignment items that are good classic pieces that never go out of style so I don’t regret them. I do regret the H & M dress I bought, which had a lot of remix potential, but post 30 for 30 I haven’t wanted to wear it, so it’s going back to the store.
  4. I didn’t miss my closet that much. There were items in there that I just didn’t wear and didn’t love anymore but found myself holding on to them for no reason at all. Most of these items have been consigned.
  5. Post-30 for 30 I have shopped and noticed a clear difference in what I buy. On Saturday night, I had some Buffalo Exchange credit, decided that I would try to spend it and found myself really wanting nothing. I knew I was being ridiculous when I was debating between another jacket, an impractical sweater and a skirt that didn’t really fit and that’s when I decided to stop the insanity, take the money and run. And you know what? I don’t regret not buying any of those items.
  6. To that end, I need to stop shopping and buying things on whims. I used to be really good at making lists for what I want to see my wardrobe be and I need to get back to that. Knowing what you want is half the battle! I also want to continue to focus on buying quality items that have long lasting wear potential.
  7. Packing just got a heck of a lot easier. Over Thanksgiving I basically packed most of my 30 items and was done. It was so easy! Now for Christmas I’ve packed 15 items for 10 days (I needed the extra layers) and love how all of my items match. This is the first Christmas I haven’t had to pay in some capacity for my luggage, so this in it of itself is proof enough that the limitations work.
  8. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge, reading all about you guys, seeing your super sweet comments and can’t wait to do it all again!
And as for a final parting gift for the 30 for 30, a few of my funnier outtakes:
( I’m pretty sure I was actually singing “Kung Fu Fighting”)
(My sister told me to lift my leg to show off my shoe, I did this.
Not quite what she was looking for)

30 for 30 Day 30: DONE!

17 Dec

T-Shirt: Gap – Jacket: Goodwill – Jeans: Gap – Shoes: Unlisted Scarf: H & M

Well I’ve arrived! I’m done! Wahoo! I’m super happy to be done, but more importantly I’m so glad that I did it to begin with! Not only have I met some lovely, like-minded women, but I’ve explored my closet in a way that I haven’t in a very long time. It taught me some MAJOR lessons about what it means to have a complete wardrobe and what my creative limits are. I’ll wrap up my complete thoughts on the remix in another post, but know that I’m excited to do another remix challenge and that I’m in the process of evaluating my wardrobe!

So, I’m not really a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. I like pretty and flouncy things in general, but I actually really like this outfit! I felt comfortable and cool all day! I think the hair helped though. I call it my Fraggle Rock hair-do and I love it. My hair has finally gotten to the length where I can actually do things to it and I have a hair appointment next week to chop it all off. I guess that’s the way it always is–sigh. 🙂

Are you a jeans and T kind of girl?

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30 for 30 Day 29: Evening Elegance

16 Dec

Dress: Banana Republic – Tank Top: Gap – Tights: Target – Shoes: Sophie Max- Necklace: Langford Market

I wore this outfit to my Lab Christmas party and kind of ran out of time to take pictures, so I played dress-up and recreated it on a random Tuesday night. I have to admit, I sort of love this outfit and these pictures. The outfit was festive without being overly done and I liked doing my hair this way. Mostly, I just loved my new lipstick. When I was home over Thanksgiving, I discovered these Revlon lipstains and they’re amazing! They have great colors and they don’t leave lipstick marks on anything! Lipstick marks on things totally creep me out, so finding a lip color that does not do this is like mind blowing. Mind. Blowing.

The party was a success, although Jon and I were a bit overdressed as people were in sweatshirts and jeans, but this is something I’m very used to. I always dress up for everything because really? everything is an occasion!

Do you like to play dress-up?

30 for 30 Day 28: Almost there

15 Dec

Top: H & M – Sweater: H & M – Skirt: Anthropologie – Tights: Hue –
Shoes: Sophie Max- Necklace: Langford Market

Tomorrow is my last day of the 30 for 30! I’ve sort of deceived you because it only says 28, but I have an outfit that I haven’t posted yet. I’m very glad that this challenge is almost over–I’m ready to get back to my closet. It’s really only for a week because then I leave for the holidays and need to pack a limited wardrobe. Since the prices of checked bags are exorbitant, I’ll probably be doing a shortened version of the 30 for 30 (10 for 10 maybe?!)


On to other matters, as the 30 for 30 winds down, I’ve realized that blogging and I are total BFF right now. What that means is that you can expect a lot more on this here website! I’m excited to show you more of my wardrobe and more of my projects! My posting should remain fairly regular, but since you know, I’ve got this other job called graduate school, there may be the occasional gap!

Are you still fashion/style blogging post 30 for 30?

30 for 30 Day 27: Cupcake Monday

14 Dec


Dress: I.C.E. – Sweater: J. Crew – Tights: Merona – Shoes: Franco Sarto –
Belt: Kenneth Cole (Via Goodwill)

Today I had a total case of the Mondays. First Jon woke me up because he broke our bed, while I was sleeping in it. It turns out that Ikea furniture is not meant to be disassembled and moved. Then I set off the fire alarm when I tried to make eggs this morning because I burnt some plastic on the burner last night (I swear I’m a better cook than what this blog reflects) and finally I put on a pair of tights that was too small (seriously, there is nothing worse than this) and proceeded to fidget awkwardly for most of the day.

So yeah. Today was a day. But boyfriend recognized that I was pouty Erica and took me for cupcakes. And now at 10PM on Monday night, I think the day might be turning around for the better. Took it long enough.

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30 for 30 Day 26: Do It Yourself

13 Dec

Shirt: Herve Benard – Shorts: H & M – Tights: Hue –
Ballet Flats: Urban Outfitters – Scarf: Gift

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was pretty darn excellent as weekends go. Although we came nowhere close to buying a car. Ooops. On Saturday we went to the Guild, a local vintage shop and other local thrift stores. We also hit up a our first estate sale, which was totally awesome! They had magazines over 100 years old! Saturday night we went to my lab Christmas party which was a lot of fun. My PI’s husband is into recovering chairs and they’re simply gorgeous. It has definitely inspired me to finally get some of my DIY house projects done.

Which brings me to Sunday, where after a lazy morning, Jon and I made the trek to Lowes to get a whole slew of supplies! I spent the rest of Sunday spiffying up the joint. Right now, I’m working on priming and painting our bedside tables and reupholstering our dining room chairs. Woah!

You guys attempt any fun DIY projects lately?

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30 for 30 Day 25: 7th Heaven

12 Dec

Shirt: Banana Republic – Skirt: Gap – Tights: Hue –
Shoes: Sophie Max – Scarf: H & M

So Emily  from Simple Subtle Style was so kind and tagged me to reveal 7 secrets about me! While these are not necessarily secrets, they are 7 things about me that you don’t know. So without further adieu.

1) Coffee is my lifeblood and I’ve been drinking it in some form since I was learning how to walk. When I was little, I’d go up to the coffee table where my mom had her coffee and steal it!

2) When excited about something, I use the phrase “ponies & cupcakes!” I’m pretty sure it originated around my 21st birthday, and I now use it all the time. I mean really, what is more awesome than ponies and cupcakes? Nothing.

3) I’ve saved every letter my grandmother (Grammy-Gram!) has ever sent me. In college, she used to write me weekly and while that has tapered off, every one I get is still really special to me. 🙂

4) I’ve loved fashion since I knew how to dress myself! I used to re-make clothing out of clothing I already had (hello, turtleneck tubedress!) and change outfits several times a day. I also refused to wear anything but dresses. Not much has changed since then 🙂

5)  I name all of my electronics and random little stuffed animals/trinkets. For example my Minolta camera is named Isadora, my computer is named Veronica and the plastic chicken on my kitchen table is named Lulu.

6)  I used to dye my hair all the time. For about 2 years I was every shade of red possible. Even now when I get frustrated or in a rut, dying my hair is my go-to way to make my life better.

7) I’m currently re-watching my childhood favorites. Right now I’m on Dawson’s Creek and then I’ll move onto Felicity. Other old school favorites: Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars.

So that’s it! I’ve noticed a lot of other 30 for 30ers have been tagged– so how about this? I tag everyone else who has yet to me tagged! Hit me in the comments so I’ll know to come check out your 7 secrets!