Weekend Roundup

6 Dec

This weekend was pretty low-key, which is always my favorite thing to-do post-Holiday traveling, post-Committee meeting. Saturday, Jon and I did some Christmas shopping, got some supplies for a DIY project we are looking to do, and looked at pet adoption places.


Jon works weekend nights, so usually Saturday night is Erica night. I usually go shopping, go see a chick flick, or take myself out to dinner but this week I decided to rent “Going the Distance” on our new TV and drink some wine.

Sunday, I watched Jon play Kirby’s Magic Yarn (which is seriously the most beautiful, creative video game I’ve ever seen)  and then we headed out to explore some new shops around our favorite burrito place, which were amazing! I had gone to one of them a few weeks ago when I was looking for a gift and now having explored the rest of the surrounding shops,  I am so, so in love. I found like 100 things that I fell in love with for myself and others. If you live in Houston, love vintage and baubles you must check out Shop o Rama as well as the surrounding stores (I forget some of their names)! Also Taco’s a Go-Go is our go-to burrito/tex-mex place, it is to-die for and not to be missed! I bought some vintage handkerchiefs that I’m planning on framing and putting up in our bathroom.


Sunday afternoon I made home-made Turkey noodle soup and did some DVR cleanup while I got my life in order for the next week.


How was your weekend?



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