30 for 30 Day 25: 7th Heaven

12 Dec

Shirt: Banana Republic – Skirt: Gap – Tights: Hue –
Shoes: Sophie Max – Scarf: H & M

So Emily  from Simple Subtle Style was so kind and tagged me to reveal 7 secrets about me! While these are not necessarily secrets, they are 7 things about me that you don’t know. So without further adieu.

1) Coffee is my lifeblood and I’ve been drinking it in some form since I was learning how to walk. When I was little, I’d go up to the coffee table where my mom had her coffee and steal it!

2) When excited about something, I use the phrase “ponies & cupcakes!” I’m pretty sure it originated around my 21st birthday, and I now use it all the time. I mean really, what is more awesome than ponies and cupcakes? Nothing.

3) I’ve saved every letter my grandmother (Grammy-Gram!) has ever sent me. In college, she used to write me weekly and while that has tapered off, every one I get is still really special to me. 🙂

4) I’ve loved fashion since I knew how to dress myself! I used to re-make clothing out of clothing I already had (hello, turtleneck tubedress!) and change outfits several times a day. I also refused to wear anything but dresses. Not much has changed since then 🙂

5)  I name all of my electronics and random little stuffed animals/trinkets. For example my Minolta camera is named Isadora, my computer is named Veronica and the plastic chicken on my kitchen table is named Lulu.

6)  I used to dye my hair all the time. For about 2 years I was every shade of red possible. Even now when I get frustrated or in a rut, dying my hair is my go-to way to make my life better.

7) I’m currently re-watching my childhood favorites. Right now I’m on Dawson’s Creek and then I’ll move onto Felicity. Other old school favorites: Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars.

So that’s it! I’ve noticed a lot of other 30 for 30ers have been tagged– so how about this? I tag everyone else who has yet to me tagged! Hit me in the comments so I’ll know to come check out your 7 secrets!



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