30 for 30 Thoughts and Outtakes

20 Dec
  1. Overall, I was able to remix a lot of my pieces several times. Some items were clearly worn more than others and deserve a good clean bath and a brief retirement, I’m looking at you J. Crew orange cardigan.
  2. Some items had to be retired permanently, like my brown boots that broke, my black flats that have a hole in them and my blue tank top that is difficult to wear. I’ll be looking for replacements for these items in the coming weeks, as they are sort of wardrobe staples for me.
  3. Did I shop? Well, yes. When I went to Boston over Thanksgiving I did shop for myself on Black Friday and Saturday. Most of the items were consignment items that are good classic pieces that never go out of style so I don’t regret them. I do regret the H & M dress I bought, which had a lot of remix potential, but post 30 for 30 I haven’t wanted to wear it, so it’s going back to the store.
  4. I didn’t miss my closet that much. There were items in there that I just didn’t wear and didn’t love anymore but found myself holding on to them for no reason at all. Most of these items have been consigned.
  5. Post-30 for 30 I have shopped and noticed a clear difference in what I buy. On Saturday night, I had some Buffalo Exchange credit, decided that I would try to spend it and found myself really wanting nothing. I knew I was being ridiculous when I was debating between another jacket, an impractical sweater and a skirt that didn’t really fit and that’s when I decided to stop the insanity, take the money and run. And you know what? I don’t regret not buying any of those items.
  6. To that end, I need to stop shopping and buying things on whims. I used to be really good at making lists for what I want to see my wardrobe be and I need to get back to that. Knowing what you want is half the battle! I also want to continue to focus on buying quality items that have long lasting wear potential.
  7. Packing just got a heck of a lot easier. Over Thanksgiving I basically packed most of my 30 items and was done. It was so easy! Now for Christmas I’ve packed 15 items for 10 days (I needed the extra layers) and love how all of my items match. This is the first Christmas I haven’t had to pay in some capacity for my luggage, so this in it of itself is proof enough that the limitations work.
  8. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge, reading all about you guys, seeing your super sweet comments and can’t wait to do it all again!
And as for a final parting gift for the 30 for 30, a few of my funnier outtakes:
( I’m pretty sure I was actually singing “Kung Fu Fighting”)
(My sister told me to lift my leg to show off my shoe, I did this.
Not quite what she was looking for)

One Response to “30 for 30 Thoughts and Outtakes”

  1. Kristen December 20, 2010 at 2:16 pm #

    I think it’s great how the 30×30 has made you a more conscious shopper. I find it’s done the same thing for me and I didn’t even participate (just observed).

    And you are awesome for including the outtakes. The showing off the shoe pose is my favorite!

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