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Hello, Goodbye

24 Jan

Well, with much thought and a decent chunk of time spent, I’ve decided to switch to blogger. I wanted options that WordPress wouldn’t allow without significant knowledge of CSS/HTML. I’m a grad student already filling my brain with stuff some might consider useless, SO I went with the easier option and made the switch.

It’s currently still under some construction (pretty changes to come soon!) but I’ll be posting regularly there, so hop on over and say hello!





Video: 26 Candles

15 Jan

My boyfriend Jon shot this video on my birthday with his new HD camera and my new tripod. It’s pretty cute and you can sort of see me blowing out the candles (and now I’m a star)! I should say that Jon sacrificed his cupcake (and not mine, which remaind pretty and scrumptious) in the name of birthday candles and internet videos. He’s a sweet guy, that one 🙂